9 factors to consider when choosing a web host company

9 factors to consider when choosing a web host company
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Planning to launch your website but confused about how to choose the correct web host?

Either it is a small or large business, a web host is one of the most important factors on which your success depends.

If you are completely new and don’t know much about the web host, then you don’t need to worry at all. Here in this article, I will discuss 9 important factors to consider when choosing a web host company. Let us get started.

1. Price

Yes, you heard it right? When it comes to hosting, based on the company and the plan you choose, the price may differ.

What I suggest is to find a balanced web hosting that provides you the best hosting service at the best price. Going for cheap web hosting may provide you the worst experience if you put your faith blindly in it.

People start searching for cheap hosting services over the internet and purchase one with the lowest price to save money.

Most of the cheap hosting providers lack security, bandwidth, and can outsource your data. If you are going for a cheap hosting company with a bad reputation, then you may lose valuable data hosted on their server. It is better to look for reviews to ensure your data protection and be on the safe side.

2. Learn about your needs

There are tons of websites on the internet, but they don’t have the same hosting requirements. While choosing a web host the most important thing is to understand your hosting needs.

Different services like blogging, eCommerce, and social platform have different hosting requirements. Below are a few questions that you should think about before moving ahead:

  • Will you use WordPress for your website?
  • What type of website do you want to host?
  • Which language your website is written in?
  • How much traffic are you expecting?

This self-assessment will help you in understanding your hosting needs.

3. Check Hardware Specification

Once you learn about your hosting needs, you can make a decision about the hardware requirements for your website.

Your hosting performance depends on the hardware it is running on.

Is the provided hardware resources enough to meet your hosting needs? A server with good configuration and sufficient resources will ensure your website’s performance and safety.

While servers with insufficient resources and lack of security may put your website at risk. Always inquire about the hardware resources that comes with your hosting package.

4. Always check server reliability & server uptime

The website provides you an online presence in form of a virtual store where visitors can get your services. Nobody likes it when they find your store closed at the time of need.

Even if your website gets down for small-time, you may lose valuable customers and money. So, it is very important to go for a web host that offers good uptime.

According to the industry standard, 99.95% of uptime is considered as best one. I recommend always choose a web host that provides an uptime of more than 99.5%. Below 99.5% uptime is not reliable and you should never go for it.

There are many server monitoring tools that you can use to track your website uptimes. It will notify you if your website goes down and you can take immediate action on it.

For uptime monitoring, at 7topics we use UptimeRobot to stay aware of any downtime.

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5. Check for Scalability option

Most of the hosting providers provide different hosting plans to provide you budget-friendly hosting package.

As your website traffic grows, your resource demand may increase. You should always be able to upgrade your hosting plan whenever required.

Transferring your site from one to another hosting provider is often time-consuming and can be troublesome for you.

It is recommended to choose the web host which provides you the ease of scalability. This way you can upgrade your hosting plan and increase your website resources without any extra effort.

6. Extra features and addons

While choosing a Web Host, always check out the extras they offer. Some of the Web Host tends to provide awesome extras and add-ons to stand out from the competition.

Either it is a free domain, free SSL certificate, or free domain privacy it is really great to have such a great bundle in your hosting package.

7. Check for Control Panel and User Interface

When it comes to managing your web hosting services, it can be really tough if you don’t get easy to use control panel.

It makes it easy to install services(like WordPress) at one click, manage FTP accounts, manage domains and sub-domains, set up email, and much more.

Two of the most popular Control panels are Cpanel and Plesk. They have a great user interface with all important features available at one click.

If you are non-technical, never opt for a web host that doesn’t offer a user-friendly control panel.

8. Look for Quality customer support

Sitting back and running a business without any server issues and focus only on your service sounds really cool. But sometimes you may face some issues on your server and that may seem impossible to be solved from your side. This is where customer support comes into the picture.

It is highly recommended to go for a web host that provides 24/7 customer service with high-quality customer support. Always consider looking for user reviews online to know about the quality of customer support of a particular web host before making your decision.

9. Check Customer Reviews & Rating

As I mentioned in many of the above steps to always consider checking customer reviews before making your decision.

Customer ratings and reviews can help you know the satisfaction level of the customers who have used their services. It is always better to learn from mistakes and improve.

Hosting Recommendations
Based on reviews and user experience I have mentioned two of the most widely used hosting providers.


Everything starts with the foundation, so take your time and check all options before choosing your Web Host.

I hope this article will help you in deciding the best web host for your website. Please share this guide with your friends and provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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