Step by Step guide to Email Marketing: Beginner’s Guide

Step by Step guide to Email Marketing: Beginner’s Guide
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Email Marketing has been there for almost a decade and still is more effective when compared to other mediums like social share or ads. It is the best way to connect to your audience and convert them into your customers.

In this article, we will understand the best strategy for email marketing with the help of step by step guide. Either you are a beginner or a professional, this is going to be the ultimate guide for Email Marketing. Let us get started.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the form of digital marketing strategy used to connect with the audience by sending emails. The best email marketing strategy grabs the user’s attention and converts a one-time customer into recurring customers.

Among video-based marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ads, and Social Sharing the Email Marketing are still considered highly effective marketing techniques. It may be because people still use email more than any other platform.

You can put it like this, sending an email is like knocking on someone’s door to offer services or products. You can’t irritate someone by sending continuous irrelevant emails otherwise they will block you and your mails may end up in the Spam folder.

It is always better to plan a strategy to deliver the best experience to your audience. Below are some of the best strategies that will help you do effective Email Marketing.

1. Get approval before sending an email

Always seek customer’s approval before sending emails to them. No one likes to get emails from someone they do not know about.

There are many ways to acquire permission for sending emails. All you need is to offer something to the visitors in return for access to their inbox.

When someone visits your website, they may be interested to get notified about the latest updates from your Website or blog.

Some of the common ways to encourage users to subscribe are:

  • Free Ebooks
  • Free Downloads
  • Free Premium Service
  • Latest blog updates and product release

Freebies provided in exchange for name and email are also termed lead magnets.

Customers who visit your website are always looking for something relevant. For example, for 7topics audience and blogging ebook, Programming code download, premium services can be offered in exchange for name and email.

2. Build your Email list

Your email list is the most valuable asset, all you need is to gather a list of verified emails.

The more verified email you have, the more chance you get to convert them into customers. It is better to offer something valuable to the visitors to encourage them to become subscribers.

You can use popular Email Marketing services like MailChimp, OptimMaster or if you have programming knowledge then you can create it all by yourself.

3. Segment your Email list

Segmentation is the process of splitting your Email list into categorized groups based on specific criteria. Doing so helps you send more personalized and relevant emails.

Email list Segmentation increase your email opening rate and reduce your email unsubscription rate.

There are many ways you can do segmentation, given below are some of the ways to help you with that:

  • Direct Subscribers: These can be the people who visited your website and subscribed directly from the subscription form. They can also be termed as Newsletter Subscribers.
  • Location-based subscribers: If you are planning to launch a product or perform any event in a particular location, then this is the best way to categorize your email list based on the subscriber’s location. By doing this you can easily notify about any event in a particular area to specific people.
  • Lead Magnet: You can also send targeted emails based on the lead magnet that they opted in through. This is the better way to engage customers by sending them relevant emails.

4. Make an outstanding subject line

The subject line is the single line of text that you see when you receive an email in your inbox.

Email open rates mainly depend on the subject line. Even the nicely written email can become worthless if it never gets opened, right?

The improper subject line will not only lose the open rate but may also make your email end up in spam.

The best subject line is the one that is short, descriptive, and catches the reader’s attention or gives them the curiosity to explore your message further.

Never add anything spammy in your email subject line. Adding words like ‘Buy now’, ‘free’, or any subject line with too much promotional sense or multiple exclamations can make it spammy.

You can read the article by Optinmonster to create a better subject line for your email.

5. Write good email content

Just like in business, customers love & satisfaction is most important to sell any service.

Your email content should make your subscribers happy. If your subscriber gets unhappy with the content, then they may not open any of your future emails or it may lead to unsubscribe.

The most important thing is that you are not only sending mail but you are providing them the content that they would love to hear about. While writing an email newsletter always keep customers in mind.

It is always better to provide links to valuable resources like free ebooks, downloads, or courses.

Writing a better email will help your subscribers engage and eventually it may increase email opening rate and your product sales.

6. Using an autoresponder

Autoresponder is the sequence of automated mail that is sent to the subscribers based on their interest and the opt-in used by them at the time of subscription.

For example, if somebody subscribed to a newsletter for some training. Then, an automated email with all day-wise training sessions should be sent periodically.

Autoresponder is used to pre-schedule all the emails to be sent after opting for any service for each recipient. This makes it easy to send personalized mail and keep people engaged by providing daily or weekly updates.

7. Email Analytics

Just like website analytics, Email analytics are also very important. Many of the top Email Marketing service providers provides complimentary analytics.

Email analytics provide many details like the email opening rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, and many more.

Email opening rate will tell you how many people opened your emails. Click through rate shows how many people clicked on the link provided in the email.

Unsubscribe rate will let you know how many people unsubscribed for email using the bottom unsubscribe link.

You can use these analytics to understand user’s behavior and improve content to meet their expectation. Never send too many irrelevant emails, as it may force them to unsubscribe or mark it as spam.

Pay attention to your email analytics to understand your audience in a better way and provide the services in the best way to meet their expectation.

8. Optimize email for Mobile

More than 50% of the emails are accessed on mobile devices. That means, if your email does not open properly on mobile devices then you may lose a large amount of the audience.

Always make sure that your email should be responsive and looks great on mobile devices. Keep your formatting simple and use proper font size as smaller font size may be difficult to read on mobile devices.

It is better to test your email by opening it from your mobile device, before sending it to your subscribers.


Email marketing is always have been the best medium to engage and make connections with your audience. Never put yourself behind when it comes to email marketing. I hope this article will help you improve your email marketing strategy. Please share this article with your friends and provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Sharing is caring 😎.

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