How to blog Consistently: Grow your daily traffic ?

How to blog Consistently: Grow your daily traffic ?
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One of the main reasons behind losing blog traffic and ranking is the lack of consistency while blogging.

Are you not able to blog Consistently?

Don’t blame yourself, this happened with most of the top bloggers.

Let me tell you I have done blunder mistakes in my blogging journey. Being inconsistent while blogging was one of the biggest mistakes.

I have tried various methods to improve my blogging capability. Just in a few months, I  started getting more traffic which also improved my Alexa ranking. In this article, I will share the best guide to help you blog consistently. Let’s get started.

What you should be blogging consistently?

As I told you about my blunder mistakes, I  was not consistent in blogging earlier which resulted in a huge decline in my web traffic.

Content is king in the blogging industry but along with high-quality content, consistency is also required to keep your visitors engaged.

Your regular visitors always look for fresh content and updates from your blog.

Having more posts provide an opportunity to get more user engagement on your blog.

The major factor that gets affected with consistency is your SEO page ranking.

If you make the correct strategy for your blog, then you will definitely see a rise in your web traffic and page ranking.

See how blogging consistently helped me in getting high traffic and increased my Alexa Rank. Here is the snapshot of how my Alexa ranking improved from 10 Dec 2020 after blogging constantly.

Alexa Ranking

How to maintain consistency while blogging?

Now as you understood the need of being consistent in blogging life. Let me share the steps that I took to improve my website traffic rapidly:

1. Set your blogging goals

The first step to consistent blogging starts from setting goals. 

Let me tell you, without your blogging goals you may end up with blank thoughts. Without goals, you will have nothing to achieve.

Here is how I did it:

For the year 2021,

  • Set my Goal to create approximately 7-10 posts per month.
  • Written down my dates on which I have to publish my blog.
  • Kept some dates for software development.
  • Made a list of topics on which I have to create content.
  • Made a list of other things like bug fixes, design revamp.

Set your goals now to see make your path towards consistent blogging.

2. Brainstorm the post ideas on your niche

While blogging, it is very fearsome to run out of ideas. It is better to take a day to think of different ideas and make a note of them.

Always look out for customer needs and try to prepare a list of topics on which you can create content.

Create your post calendar and add your titles for the specified dates. In the previous step, I told about my goal, based on that I made a list of dates with topics to be published on that day.

This helps me easily focus on writing my content on regular basis, without wasting my time thinking of ideas every day.

3. Pre-schedule your upcoming content

This one is the best step and I love it. If suddenly you get involved in some other task and don’t get time to create content for a particular date you will lose your consistency. So always try to be one step ahead.

What should you do?

Prepare your contents beforehand. Let me tell you about my plan, even I created a strategy of posting after every 2 days. I started creating posts before the defined date and saved them to publish on the upcoming date.

Just try to include this strategy in your blogging life. Believe me, it will help you a lot.

4. Develop your writing habit

Regular writing habits can benefit you in many ways.

Quality of content is essential, and it will come only from writing practice. It will help you express your ideas in a better way.

Think of any topics and start writing on them, check how much you can write. Always try to read your content from the reader’s perspective. This will help you understand your mistake and boost your content quality.

Take references from another popular content writer in the same niche. Follow them and learn from them. Keep practicing and you will see the changes in your writing skill.

5. Engage with others on social Media

Being consistent in blogging is not limited to writing only. You have to engage with your customers.

Share your blog post over the social network. This will help your readers receive updates every time you post something.

Social media is a great platform to drive traffic to your blog. Keep yourself engaged on social media by posting something daily.

6. Monitor your Website Analytics

When you are delivering content, you should also look out for your blog performance.

Analytics can help you understand the user behavior, post popularity.

It will help you understand which of your content is doing well. Check out what is the time that users spend on a particular post. For example, if a user leaves a page after 15 seconds, that means you should focus on optimizing the quality of that post.

Most of the design issues can also lead to a decline in web traffic. Avoid too much use of animation, popups, and content blocking Ads.


Set up your blogging plan from today and start generating ideas. Along with blogging consistently, you must also focus on your content quality and SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
I hope this article will help you become a consistent blogger. Please share this article with your friends and provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Sharing is caring 😎.

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