The Beginner’s Guide to URL Shortener IndVix

The Beginner’s Guide to URL Shortener IndVix
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Have you ever tried to share any URL over social media like Facebook or Twitter? Long Url not only consumes a lot of text space while writing, but it also looks ugly. This is where we need something like a URL shortener.

Using URL shorteners you can save your text space and also make it look pretty and clean.

Just look like the below URLs:


Both URLs open the same page, but the second one is short and looks very clean and pretty. Okay, now you have got a little idea, let us explore more about it.

What is a URL Shortener?

A Url or link Shortner is a digital service that helps you simply convert any long and ugly url into a short and pretty url.

Many Url shorteners come with many additional features like link analytics, password protection, link expiration, link customization, splash page, overlay page, custom domain, and many more.

Benefits of using a URL Shortner

URL shortener makes it really easy to manage your link. For example, you shared a link on social media that has been changed to another url. It will be a tedious task to go on every social media and update that Url. URL shortener can make this job much easier by helping you edit it in one place only.

Link customization features in the url shortener help you make your link much beautiful and cool.

How to shorten a url using IndVix?

Indvix is the url shortener that comes packed with many other cool features along with URL shorting.

Let us go step by step to understand how to short url using an IndVix free account.

1. Go to


2. Register for a free account

Click on the Get Started button on the top right corner to create your free account.

Register IndVix

Fill in all the detail correctly to create your account as you may be required to verify your email. Alternatively, you can also choose to log in using your Google or Facebook account.

3. Verify your account

Verify Account

To log in, verify your account by clicking on the link sent in your provided email. Check your spam folder if you have not received it in your inbox. If you find it in the spam folder, then mark it as not spam to received other updates in your inbox.

4. Login and open your dashboard

Now after verification login to your account using your credentials. Paste your long url in the given space and click on shorten button to generate a short url.

IndVix URL shorten

Yo! your new short url has been generated, copy and use it.

IndVix Short Url

The free account comes with limited functionalities. You make more out of this url shortener by upgrading your account with paid membership. You can also customize your link to make it much better using the paid membership.

Follow the below steps to upgrade your account.

While you are logged into your free account, click on the Upgrade button from the top right section on the dashboard.

IndVix Plan

Select the premium package which fits better for your business. I would recommend going with the prime account. Click on the subscribe button from the bottom.

You can use the coupon code TOPICS10 to get a 10% discount on the overall price. Fill in your details correctly and Click on the Pay with the card option to continue.

Once done you will be upgraded to the premium plan. Now you can shorten url with your own custom alias.

IndVix Custom Alias

Click on the shorten link button.

IndVix custom alias short

The newly generated link is much better and easy to remember than the one provided in the free version.

You also get many additional features in the premium plans like Splash pages, overlay pages, Event tracking, and much more.


URL shortening is really a life savior for long and ugly URLs. It makes it much easier to manage all your links from your dashboard. Please share this article with your friends and provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Sharing is caring 😎.

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