About Us

Welcome to 7topics

Hi there, my name is Rahul Ranjan, Founder of 7topics. I love to learn and work on something new every day. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience to help you create your digital presence and online profitable side business.

Here at 7topics, I aim to deliver high-quality articles related to Blogging, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Technology.

History of 7topics:

7topics was started with one intention as it says ‘Learn & Share‘, mainly started back in 2014 with keeping PHP as the main language in mind. In between many hurdles came, due to which most of the projects were dropped. Now it’s time to rebrand 7topics with some cool topics. 

We are going to launch many new products and services to help you learn and implement things easily. 

If you have any queries or questions, you can get in touch by clicking here.