Display user’s profile with image on search in php

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  1. princewill says:

    You must be a very kind person. Thanks for this great job. Once am done with the project am working on I will always link your site. Thanks once more.

  2. Ruhan says:

    Hello Sir , where is Button ,View All User List…!!!

  3. Bright says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive tutorial. But please if I want to have every active user to show to others that the next person is also online in a list how can I do that.

  4. Ankit says:

    How to make an web form which show the data on home page or website pages

  5. ksatrian says:

    Hey thanks this is are really good 😀
    However, i would like to ask, how about adding admin account and pages which is only Admin that can access the pages ?

    • Rahul Ranjan says:

      simply add one more column account_type in users table and set 0 for normal user and 1 for administrator. This way you can differentiate between different type of users.

    • ksatrian says:

      Thanks for answering again 😀
      I just dont get the code in logincheck.php and manipulator in updateac.php.
      Can you describe it more clearly ?

      Also my request, if you ever share a codes again, please include a comment in the code, so we know how the code’s algorithm and how it works.

      anyway, Thanks.

    • Rahul Ranjan says:

      @ksatrain I have provided complete files including ImageManipulator in zip package. Download and if you face any problem then let me know here.

  6. H Jaman says:

    i am geting ‘Login Failed!, Invalid Credentials’ message

  7. H Jaman says:

    Dear Rahul Ranjan, Thanks for your tutorial post. But i am facing problem to put data post. i wrote some data in sign up form but no data stored in mysql. please may some problem in logincheck.php or index.php or function.php. please help me. thanks

  8. Pooja says:

    Its very good..css file please..thanks in advance

  9. Ren Junior says:

    It’s a good stuff though style.css file Please

  10. ren says:

    how about style.css file

  11. Nirali says:

    Any one extra database table are needed this project???

    • Rahul Ranjan says:

      create one database with any name and set it in function.php as given below:
      $mysql_database = “your database name”;
      and import table.sql in that database.

  12. Rase says:

    How can I download the project

  13. Amar says:

    Thanks a lot for this post on user profile search with image. It serves my requirement. Another great post in the user profile series. 🙂

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